The raw food diet for dogs, also known as PMR (Prey Model Raw) and BARF (Bones And Raw Food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), is gaining more awareness due to its health benefits. Why are these diet circulating in the pet world? The foundation for this diet is the concept of referring back to your dog’s ancestors’ (the wolves) diet–similar to the ideal behind the Paleo diet for humans–before dogs were domesticated and fed more processed commercial food sources. You’re going back to what your pet’s ancestors ate to thrive in their environment, and we believe the raw food movement for pets is the way to achieve optimal health and well-being.

Your pet’s raw food diet would consist of balanced meals typically made from muscle meat, whole or ground bones, organ meats like liver and kidney with the addition of whole fish, vegetables, fruits, and raw fermented milk together with the inclusion of appropriate fats for BARF diet. The benefits of basing your dog’s health on this nutrition plan include:

  • Shinier, Soft Fur Coats and Better Skin Health – Dry skin or other problematic skin conditions and dull fur are common among dogs, and these are crucial signs that tell you your dog may not be getting enough nutrition in their current diet. With a raw food diet, though, due to the healthy, natural fats, your pet will have that beautiful sheen to their fur and their skin will be well-moisturized.

  • Fresh Breath And Better Dental Health – When you switch your dog to a raw diet, their body will detox and remove any toxins in their body that have built up over the years, and what’s left will be a healthier, cleaner body and drastically improved oral health. You’ll be able to enjoy your pet’s in-your-face affections more often!

  • Smaller Stool – Instead of the huge stinkin’ pile of poo that your pet usually produces while eating commercial foods, your dog will produce smaller stool that’s easier to pass through their digestive system.

  • More Energy – Your dog will be able to jump, run, and play around more often since they will have more energy. Your animal companion will have an easier time digesting raw food and absorb more of the nutrients, so they will.

  • All-Natural Food Source – Just like a homemade meal you make for yourself, you know what goes into your dog’s food bowl when you switch to the homemade PMR or BARF nutrition plan. No fillers, no artificial flavors or colors, no preservatives, and no unnecessary ingredients! You strip away the nonessentials and get straight to the core of real nutrition for your furry friend. 

  • Reduces The Risk Of Obesity – According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, over half of dogs and cats are either overweight or obese. With a controlled raw diet, you’ll reduce the risk of obesity in your pet and provide them with enough calories and nutrition for their well-being.

  • Itch-Free Life – If you’ve noticed that your pet has intolerances or allergies to specific food ingredients, such as cooked protein or grains, raw food meals will help control or eliminate those food sensitivities or intolerance since you’ll manage your pet’s diet to a T and remove the offending food in their meal.

  • Provides Extra Mental And Physical Stimulation – With all the tearing, chewing, and ripping your dog will do while they eat their raw meat and bones, the raw food diet encourages your pet’s natural, primal instincts for hunting and eating and gives them extra mental and physical stimulation throughout the day. Chewing bones and tearing meat releases endorphins, so your canine will be satisfied and spent after every meal.

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